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MIS Systems Thread, Reporting on Exclusions in Technical; Quick question for those who use Reporting. Is there a way in SIMS that allows you to directly report on ...
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    Reporting on Exclusions

    Quick question for those who use Reporting.

    Is there a way in SIMS that allows you to directly report on exclusions? SLT want fixed term exclusions over the past three years and what year groups the kids were in when they were excluded. I tried to report by student and include the Exclusions sub-report but this only returned current on-roll students and the year group doesn't change by academic year (so someone excluded in Year 9 two years ago would show as Year 11 over all three years which isn't what we are after).

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    When you start creating the report based on Student focus, the first screen sets the group you want, and it defaults to On Roll, if you change this to all, you can capture any students even leavers.

    The problem with this is that they then confuse your data, so there is going to be some manual configuration. You can either run two reports, one for current students, and one for Leavers, or whack them all together.

    I would pull out Year Group at DOL and Year of Leaving and Leaving Date from the student section as well as On Roll in case you want a simple switch for any conditions.
    On the Exclusions sub-query, pull out Academic year and Term, so regardless of the current year / year on leaving, you can look back to the academic year, plus whatever else you need.

    You'll have to drag in the current academic year and do some maths or just hard code it to 2013 and only take the first 4 chars from the exclusion academic year, so you can work out how many years ago the event was. If you only want to look at the last three years hard coding shouldn't be a big deal and hopefully you can re-jig the info quite easily.

    It's not as nice as a straight forward report that just works, but you could whack it into a macro enabled report template once you've sussed out what calculations you need.

    Hopefully you don't have so many that it becomes a nightmare.

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