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MIS Systems Thread, "Error creating windows handle. :SystemComponentModel.Win32Exception" error in SIMS. in Technical; We are getting an error message at 2 secondary schools in SIMS "Error creating windows handle. :SystemComponentModel.Win32Exception" this is occurring ...
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    "Error creating windows handle. :SystemComponentModel.Win32Exception" error in SIMS.

    We are getting an error message at 2 secondary schools in SIMS "Error creating windows handle. :SystemComponentModel.Win32Exception" this is occurring at random times and usually in personnel & Cover, but is also in other areas of SIMS. We have tried all options received from Capita but with no luck, they have now said this is an environmental issue so they cannot help with this any further as its "windows handles" building up due to the machine not being rebooted regularly - this is not the case the users machines are rebooted every night and we have also tested rebooting the machines during the day but the error occurs within 20 minutes. The other option they gave was to give the user more RAM however the users already have 4GB and it's not an option to increase this.

    The machines have been rebuild, SIMS re-installed (by ourselves and Capita)and the paging file increased but with no such luck.

    Any Suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Something like this was discussed a while back Sims Error Code 2031 - 5448 - 4200

    I'm surprised at their answer if this really is similar.
    You should be able to monitor the machines RAM usage and predict when it will occur. If you are only running 32bit Windows then 4GB won't be fully utilised nor enough, especially on Win 7. Rebooting would help, but so would just closing SIMS for 2 mins.

    Maybe there are other factors on the machine that are chewing up available RAM, so that SIMS crashes out sooner that you'd normally expect. Check how much the pulsar process is using and monitor it. Above 500Mb and you'd start to expect trouble.

    If this only started recently, it's worth looking at the environment and what has changed / been upgraded to see if that has caused it.

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