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MIS Systems Thread, CLASHES ON STAFF TIMELINES - RELATING TO COVER in Technical; When I covered staff, the lesson that was being covered always used to disappear from their timeline and appear on ...
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    When I covered staff, the lesson that was being covered always used to disappear from their timeline and appear on the timeline for whoever is covering (ie a cover supervisor). However lately something's changed and I don't know what. The lesson still appears on the staff member's timeline.

    I've got someone out this afternoon asking why hasn't she been covered, but she has, it's just not disappearing from her timeline.

    Another problem I have (the same problem) is that some of our cover supervisors have timetabled lessons. Occasionally I need to remove them from these (I put external supply on their normal timetabled lesson) and put the cover supervisor on something else. In the past, their timetabled lesson disappeared from their timeline and their new cover lesson appeared in its place. Now however, they both show on the timeline and it shows as a clash.

    Has some configuration setting been changed and if so does anyone know how to put it back???

    It's causing me issues and staff keep moaning to me!

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    Have you had any updates lately?
    I know it used to do that and it confused a lot of people, so maybe it was changed. I'm not aware of it being changed, but am running an old version so can't tell for sure.

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    I thought it was either going to change or had been changed in the autumn upgrade? I can't find the details now.

    In the Timeline Configuration (Routines - Home page - Home Page Timeline Configuration) there is a tick box for Covered Lessons/NCC's which I'm guessing might be ticked and you want it unticked on your system? Our's is ticked, but we don't use Cover within SIMS so it makes no difference to our setup.

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