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MIS Systems Thread, Getting Started on 4Matrix in Technical; Good Morninig All, Our school has recently installed 4Matrix, and I have been asked to "play around" with it for ...
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    Getting Started on 4Matrix

    Good Morninig All,

    Our school has recently installed 4Matrix, and I have been asked to "play around" with it for a while to see how good it can be.

    Having played around on Friday I have been able to get students imported from SIMS into the system, with all of their early GCSE reuslts, not a problem. But now I want to put in our termly assessment data, but cannot find a way how to do it! I've tried using excel but am currently having no luck and getting very frustrated!

    If anyone has used/uses 4Matrix and knows how to get this in I would be very grateful!!

    I will also be posting this in the Data Manager group as well.



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    Use spreadsheet import. You copy the data from your tracking sheet and paste it into the import window. Then you assign a qualification to each result (eg, Mathematics GCSE Full, English Literature GCSE Full, etc).

    I suggest you make a series for Targets first and upload your student targets as practice. Then create a series for Autumn assessments and upload those, etc. Start with one year group and expand from there. You will need to work with your exams officer and data manager to know what qualification needs to be used and note down the qualification and name of the column for future imports. If you call the columns the same name each time, you can save a map and recall it later to automatically assign subjects to spreadsheet columns when importing.

    (E.g, You call your targets English, Maths and Science in the spreadsheet column names and save a map for importing. When you upload your assessment data at a later date, if you also name the spreadsheet columns English, Maths and Science you can click open map and it will automatically assign the subjects to the spreadsheet columns as you defined earlier from the Targets import. If it was called English Autumn, Maths Autumn and Science Autumn the map would fail as column names aren't the same).

    Also remember to import your KS2 Basedata when importing from SIMS as you can use the progress tools such as Flight Path tracker and the upcoming Level of Progress Grids that will make your headteacher very happy.

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    Hello Jrma91

    CAM's reply to your question about importing data into 4Matrix is exactly right.

    However, you might also like to see our new series of video tutorials which are currently available at Video Tutorials | 4Matrix Online. These are designed to help data managers with importing data from various MIS' and from spreadsheets. (These may be moved into the private user's area shortly, but for now they are there for all to see.)

    You can also use our Live Chat facility at Welcome | 4Matrix Online if you need live help with any issue.

    Mike Bostock

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