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MIS Systems Thread, FMS BACS eAdvices Email in Technical; Hi all, Hope someone can shed a bit of light on this one... Having a bit of trouble with FMS ...
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    FMS BACS eAdvices Email

    Hi all,

    Hope someone can shed a bit of light on this one...

    Having a bit of trouble with FMS and BACS eAdvice Emails.

    I have entered the correct information (or what I assume is the right info) into 'Establishment Details' within FMS.
    We are using Exchange and have entered the FQDN of the mail server into the 'Mail Server' box.
    Port is set to 25 and no encryption or authentication is selected.
    The 'Return Email Address' is set to an internal email account and test emails are sent and received successfully.

    However... Emails sent from FMS to external suppliers are not received when doing a BACS run.
    We have asked the suppliers to check their junk folders and they have responded telling us that emails aren't getting through.

    Is there any way within SIMS/FMS to find out if the emails are being sent in the first place?
    Seems a bit odd that the test email can be received internally but anything sent externally doesn't find it's way.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Are you able to do the test message to an external account EG your own personal email perhaps? It maybe that exchange isn't letting it out of the organisation which would be why the test works.

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    We don't use this, but i'm pretty sure we did tests for invoicing parents and the mail server bit worked ok.

    It might be that a test is done in a different user context and a batch job runs something else. If the user trying to send doesn't have the permissions it could be failing.

    Isn't there any documentation on setting it up? It should cover any permissions required. Also, your Exchange server logs might point out, anything that is failing.

    Otherwise as John said set up a fake supplier with your own external email for testing. If you're allowed to, otherwise, temporarily overwrite your most common supplier so you can keep testing on any real data.

    Actually, when you say test, is this a full test with a BACS run, or do you mean just a click to test email works kind of test? Maybe you could set a supplier up with an internal email first and run the process and check it's all okay as a BACS run.

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