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MIS Systems Thread, Shortcut Bar in Technical; Hi all come to this quite late need to add a shortcut that all staff will be able to see ...
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    Shortcut Bar

    Hi all come to this quite late need to add a shortcut that all staff will be able to see so in our SIMs Window on the left we have "SIMS Shortcuts" I can add a panel and then add a shortcut to that panel.

    Question how can I add a panel that all staff can see, I can then advertise shortcuts to all staff from within our MIS.

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    That's an interesting Question @BSCC_Tech I have not come along a way of publishing, as a matter of fact I only think there are 3 of us in school that uses that panel at all.

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    That shortcut bar was deprecated ages ago, so all the applications have gone now. I think it was only kept because a lot of users had panels set up already.

    It was only ever a per user thing, that they have to set up themselves, and i doubt it's changed, so publishing won't be possible.

    What sort of things do you want to publish? Websites, and externals programs? If it's just internal SIMS shortcuts, the SIMS toolbar at the top and the Favourites homepage panel, between them will cover a large portion of the day to day users' needs.

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