Hi All,

I am attempting to setup a standalone FMS system to go with the standalone Sims. (We need to retrieve some finance stuff and no longer use FMS).
The Sims install works a treat but I just can't get the FMS to connect to the database. The setup is SQL Express 2008 on a VM, FMS sharing the same instance as Sims although with a DB name of FMS.
SQL 2008 management studio loaded and can see the database and user logins. All seems OK! Load the FMS application, setup the FMSconnect.ini and I get "invalid username/password or Database name". I know the DB name is correct, and fairly sure the username/password combo are fine. I have reset the password to one of the users in SQL but not sure if that is sufficient or whether the FMS app dictates the password.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?