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MIS Systems Thread, FFS! When you have SIMS why insist on spreadsheets. in Technical; I also agree to a certain extent that having all sorts of spreadsheets as 90% of time it's stuff that ...
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    I also agree to a certain extent that having all sorts of spreadsheets as 90% of time it's stuff that can easily be set up in SIMS.

    I know some will argue that for teachers using spreadsheets may be easier than using SIMS however I find that most teachers can even do basic things on a spreadsheet and then they come to me asking how do they do this and that on a spreadsheet and ends up being more time consuming showing staff who to use a formula on a spreadsheet than setting up a marksheet on SIMS especially when they end up putting some that data back into SIMS for the reports

    SIMS discover does seem like a nice piece of software to extract data from the SIMS database but it takes a long time to set up assessment manager graphs. What would be nice if one could set up a graph based on some aspects then filter it by result set, year group e.tc than having to set up a graph for each result set. Plus it's limited compared to running reports in routine. I personally think that discover needs to be developed more but it does have a lot of potential in the future especially for teachers who are SIMSaphobic and need to extract some data

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    To be fair I'm all for spreadsheets.

    Yes SIMS can do some of it, but it becomes such a faff at times to try and make it give you what you want when Excel can just do it. Excel has the added benefit of you can set it up, save it somewhere and tell people where to go and everyone can access it. If you do that with a SIMS marksheet/template, you need to either give everybody access to the assessment part of SIMS or create loads of marksheets to try and cover every possibility.

    Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but for example trying to do this: Advanced Reports in Excel Yes I've done it in a marksheet but only the head of year and SLT can access it as a year group marksheet. Our SLT want everyone to have access to this, so it needs to go out to Excel.

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