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MIS Systems Thread, Intouch Contacts in Technical; We are moving from GroupCall to Intouch for communications - I have a couple of questions I hope someone can ...
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    Intouch Contacts

    We are moving from GroupCall to Intouch for communications - I have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer, probably quicker then the call I have logged with capita

    1) What do we have to set on student contacts to get intouch to text the priority 1 contacts mobile? GroupCall appears to always select priority 1 mobile contact, but the numbers of contacts it reports are a lot more then Intouch is reporting back with - it also informs us that some contacts have no contact method set?

    2) Can Intouch translate texts? This is something obviously Group Call can do, and I am fairly sure intouch can do as well - but being that we brought it last year and havent quote got to sorting it out, I forget.



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    Hi Matt.

    1 - When you sign up for InTouch they send you a document, which includes a patch. This patch automatically ensures each contact (staff, student or parent) email/mobile number is set to primary. The exact wording is as follows;
    This patch will enable you to to set all mobile numbers and all e-mail addresses to primary globally. For each individual person (staff, student, contact, etc), if they have an individual mobile number this will be set to PRIMARY. If a person has an individual email address this will be set to PRIMARY. If there is more than one email/phone no changes will be made
    Intouch tries to determine which contact is best to make the Intouch contact. So if they are priority 1 and have an email address and mobile number (correctly formatted) in their record, they will become the intouch contact. It fills a tick box in their contact record which can be manually changed.

    I guess the idea is that your P1 contact may not want texts / emails, but does want their mobile number on file in case of emergency. Or Mum wants to be called first if little Johnny is ill, but dad likes the emails and texts.

    2 - I don't think Intouch can translate messages - you could set up custom groups to contact and custom templates in different languages though. It'd be nice if I was wrong though - anyone?

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