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MIS Systems Thread, Proof-reading Individual Reports Comments in Technical; I'm looking for a reliable way of proofreading en masse a set of comments for Individual Reports, Specifically for 'Name' ...
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    Proof-reading Individual Reports Comments

    I'm looking for a reliable way of proofreading en masse a set of comments for Individual Reports, Specifically for 'Name' errors.

    I am already doing largely successful checks for gender errors and capitalisation checks on subject names. Incidentally if this helps anyone, my method for doing this is as follows:

    Gender Error Checks: Ensure the 'Gender' field is visible on the marksheet, export academic yeargroup to Excel, filter on gender, copy/paste to Word then do 'whole word' (case sensitive) for female pupils: he, him, his, himself, for male pupils: she, her, herself. I then also do spell checks and grammar checks. Copy/paste back into Excel and Import to SIMS. This is fine for obvious stuff, but context errors and name errors are another matter and these have to be done manually (which is important anyway) - this method is just a way of filtering out a lot of the really simple obvious stuff.

    N.B. Please don't suggest that we switch to 'Profiles' - that's not goping to happen unless Capita make massive improvements to it.


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    We have one of the Head's two PAs read every single report and make the corrections.

    I like your idea better!

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    I trialled exporting comments to Excel (via marksheets) and getting HODs/tutors to proof read, but they all complained about not being able to easily make comments (despite my assurance that typing comments in to the column to the immediate right was fine...)

    So now we do a draft print, black and white, cheap paper and tutors read and highlight errors for me to correct in SIMS before the final print.

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    We're draft printers too. A modified template with all the rubbish taken out.
    Also i do have some data reports - that pull out only comments by subject or per class which they use in primary and can run off themselves. That's just a table in word but allows you to whack in filters for different groups.

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    We try to get subject leaders to check comments first and then print draft copies for the pastoral team and then another set for the SLT. Most of the corrections identified on the draft copies are done by a member of the admin staff. We have found that teachers here are gradually improving but one of the most annoying errors we get is mis-spelling of forenames even though it is in front of them in SIMS when they enter the comments!
    It does mean that we print 2 draft copies and a final copy, all in colour as we need to check for any RAG inconsistencies in grades.

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