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MIS Systems Thread, Schoolcomms future development in Technical; We'd not want to share everything from our SIMS calendar. Ours is in a pretty poor state to be fair ...
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    We'd not want to share everything from our SIMS calendar.

    Ours is in a pretty poor state to be fair and it does have quite a few things on which Parent's don't need to/shouldn't see.

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    As attendance information is exported would it be possible to export class registers? Also to link with this would it be possible to run the sims export and only include certain information.

    I thought this could be handy exporting registers/attendance 10 minutes after lesson start each period but I wouldn't want to export behaviour so regularly. This would serve 2 purposes, first parents would see quickly if their child was missing from a lesson but a more important use would be to have a register that could be accessed by the class teacher using the app in the event of a fire.

    Something else that I posted in regards to data security on supportnet. Would it be possible for reports sent via email to be password protected zip files using either the parents mobile as the password or a random password that gets texted to their mobile number. There should be the option of nothing and the 2 methods I mentioned to give flexibility. A password protected zip should be enough to ensure the email is secure for DP purposes.
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    At the moment we only export AM/PM registration, exporting individual lesson attendance is quite a significant additional development. It's a potential future addition to Online Reporting (for both the use cases you suggest) so good to get the feedback - if we did lesson level attendance then we would probably split the import so that you could choose what to import when to keep the load on a school's SIMS server to a minimum.

    We are looking at various options for providing more security around distribution of reports. There is always a balance between security and ease of use, and we try to strike that balance by talking to our customers. So far, most seem happy with distributing via email - but we are looking at alternative options as well.

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