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MIS Systems Thread, sims with ssl explorer in Technical; Hi We use ssl explorer for remote access here and I was wondering if I can use it to allow ...
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    sims with ssl explorer


    We use ssl explorer for remote access here and I was wondering if I can use it to allow access to sims at home?

    We use the free version so don't have the map drives extension in- is it possible to get around this?



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    Re: sims with ssl explorer


    By far your best option will be to permit a remote desktop session to be invoked from your ssl-explorer.
    That way you are in control of the client and the data.

    Mapping drives and all that will be too slow and fraught with problems. Installing the client and it's updates on remote workstation or laptop?
    I don't think so.

    RDP to a desktop machine or terminal server to do this.

    After that you only have the politics to deal with, such as if access to the database from outside the schools perimiter is even permissable?

    This is where the use of RSA tokens and such comes into play.
    How do you know it is your staff member using the login and terminal and not her pedo brother in law?

    Very grey area that I won't even go down.
    Politics, politics,politics it a suprise we have time to do any work.

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    Re: sims with ssl explorer

    We run SSL explorer here for remote access, and we have a few selected staff with Remote Desktop access via SSL explorer who use CMIS over it.

    Even if you could do it, you don't want to have users running the actual programs on their home computers, it would be faaar too slow bearing in mind most peoples upload speed on broadband is only 256kbs. Remote desktop is a much more useable option.

    If you don't have a terminal server or simelar, you can do what I do which is turn on remote desktop on the individuals PC, and setup an RDP shortcut for that user within SSL explorer that points to their PC. Then it's only a single click for them to establish the remote desktop session. Only thing you have to tell them is make sure they leave their office PC switched on!


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