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MIS Systems Thread, "Multiple" column in marksheet template in Technical; Hi guys, Quick query on SIMS marksheet templates. We can see in the template (see screenshot) that there is a ...
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    "Multiple" column in marksheet template

    Hi guys,

    Quick query on SIMS marksheet templates.
    We can see in the template (see screenshot) that there is a column called "Complete" which is editable and that's clear what it means.
    However, there is also a column called "Multiple" which you can't edit. We have no idea what this column means or what it refers to. Neither, it seems, does any SIMS documentation or the Capita forums. For some people, this column is ticked, for others it isn't.

    Anyone any ideas?



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    Those classes with the multiple ticked will have more then 1 teacher assigned to them on the timetable throughout the week and therefore SIMS creates multiple marksheets, one per teacher. The Supervisor listed in the box further along will be the member of staff who is defined as the Main Class Teacher within the timetable from memory.

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    If the timetabler has set this up one way, each teacher will have a marksheet and you can see that. If the timetabler does it the other way (which ours has been advised to do at present), the Multiple box is ticked but I have no way of checking (from that screen anyway) who the other teachers are. Some of our KS3 Science classes are taught by four staff and I therefore assume (or check the hard way) that they can all see everything they need to.

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