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MIS Systems Thread, Getting data directly from the SIMS SQL database to Exel/Access in Technical; Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out my options for a task that, in theory, sounds ...
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    Getting data directly from the SIMS SQL database to Exel/Access


    I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out my options for a task that, in theory, sounds relatively simple.

    I am tasked on a regular basis with creating large numbers of Transition Matrices, as seen in the RAISE documents, that compare students levels of progress. This is usually done as a export of a subject marksheet, and a bit of work in Excel to compare certain columns. I have recently made a new Excel template which combines VB and SQL to do all the calculations, but I still seem to be limited by the raw data I can easily export out of SIMS.

    Since we do transition Matrices at class level, I need the class name within the raw data. This seems to limit me to one export per subject per key stage, because SIMS needs the course link at marksheet level to be able to show me the class name.

    I have started to try and find out more about SIMS Reporting Engine or Third Party SDK to read data, but haven't got much so far. All i really need is some Student Information (Pupil Premium, Ethnicity & such) and some grades stored within assessment aspects for my start and end points, then I can manipulate them.

    Has anyone tried to do anything similar? What are my options?



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    Welcome | 4Matrix Online

    Does what you are after.

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    Alternatively, look at scripting this using SIMS Command Reporter (free utility in every SIMS installation folder). Capita strongly discourage directly accessing the SQL and if you mess anything up whilst accessing it, they'll charge you handsomely to put it right. Aside from that, it's one of the most cryptic DBs I've ever seen!

    There is a lot of good info on Command Reporter dotted around on these forums, here are a couple of links to get you started:
    SIMS.net Reporting
    executing CommandReporter from scripts
    Command Reporter and Filtering Reports
    CLR /Params String

    Have a read through some of those and make a start.

    As for your particular problem, you'll be wanting to set up assessment reports (filtering is possible via CLR but easier in report designer if it's only you who is going to be using it) and class reports. Tie the two together with student Person_id and manipulate to your heart's content

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    I use a report in SIMS that puts the data into a customised excel template. The transition matrix is produced automatically each time I run the report, just have to select the year group and the result set for the data. Would recommend you attend the advanced reporting course Capita run.
    You can also use a Chance analysis in SIMS.

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