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MIS Systems Thread, Migrate Solus 3 to SQL 2012 on same server in Technical; I too had problems this morning, FMS migrated but not SIMS, I had to restart the SQL 2008 and 2012 ...
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    I too had problems this morning, FMS migrated but not SIMS, I had to restart the SQL 2008 and 2012 services and this resolved my issue, failing that it should tell you why its failed in the logs...

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    Well I've got SIMS and Discover done, discover was a little bit of a pain because I didn't want my database called Discover_1 when it migrated, but I worked around it. Lovely day for the Helpdesk phoneline to go down to so I carried on regardless and it's synchronizing correctly (from what I can tell).

    Just got Solus3 left now...

    Edit: Spoke to soon as if the server was showing me who was boss - reports suddenly started to take a long time to run and started throwing errors. 30 minutes later all was back to normal so I'm hoping it was just the server doing something, but it's made me leave Solus3 for another day....
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    Managed to migrate my SOLUS 3 SQL2008 to SQL2012 (same server) this afternoon; Used the SQL 2012 Export/Import utility - works a treat (with SQL2008 off)

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    Quote Originally Posted by neilenormal View Post
    so today we are off and running.... One server will not migrate the FMS database (SIMS has been successful) we think this might be because users in FMS have a dash in their username? We recall problems with 2008 migration with apostrophe names like O'Connner. Server is 2008 SP1 R2. Any ideas folks?
    But today two failures.... Due to service packs not being on the server. If it fails to migrate we have decided to just run the sqlexpress installer on its own, then you get a nice microsoft message about why it does not meet the minimum specs...
    Er.... Why do folks in schools not keep their servers updated? Rhetorical question. long day.....

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