Our SIMS was recently Migrated to 2012R2 and all client machines updated to Windows 7. SIMS is behaving unusually slow, in some areas but not others.

For example :

Focus > Assessment > Template > then choose Template Columns - "New" > "Add Columns for Data Entry" > then choose next > you get the option to select result. when searching using the text box, this is quite responsive. however, on the next page, where you select aspects, typing in this box is incredibly slow. you get serious "lag" typing and it seems ridiculously unresponsive.

(Attached is the text box in question)


Is this a common issue with the Aspect Browser? do we have too many? the client machine I've tested it with is a Core i5 with 4GB of Ram, the SIMS server is a Hyper-V box with 8 Cores and 24GB of RAM. so both are well spec'd machines (although this aspect browser slowness is the same on all clients regardless of spec)

(have renamed My SIMS Documents folder, ran the re-index patch before the migration (does this need to be run again?) checked all the other basic things all to no success.

Any ideas? thanks in advance!