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MIS Systems Thread, Permissions on your simsroot/sims drive/s: drive in Technical; Yes yes.. the old chestnut. Something that has been asked many a time before but never answered 8) My S: ...
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    Permissions on your simsroot/sims drive/s: drive

    Yes yes.. the old chestnut. Something that has been asked many a time before but never answered 8)

    My S: drive (which is where the SIMS data files are stored) is configured for everyone to have full access. Currently this sits on the old admin server so it's only a handfull of staff that could potentially make it go very wrong. Now I am talking about NTFS permissions here - surely it can't be right that whoever uses SIMS needs the "modify" flag on all those files? :?

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    Re: Permissions on your simsroot/sims drive/s: drive

    It certainly shouldn't be the case, but it is. When the SIMS client updates itself on a PC, it also writes files to S:\SIMS\... This is a major bug in my opinion and I've raised it with Capita on a couple of occasions. If access is limited to Read only, the error messages appear, usually relating to a PDF file which the update routine is attempting to write to.

    You should certainly limit access by using a specific group rather than using Everyone though. The simplest approach is to create a SIMSUSERS group and add the appropriate users to it and then use it to grant Modify access to S:\SIMS.

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    The big issue with this is that if all your staff are in the SIMSUSER group then they all have full rights to the S:\SIMS\simsroot folder (mapped as M:\ on their workstation in order for SIMS to work).

    Surely there's a great risk of someone clumsily deleting something from within here?

    The permissions on this folder seem to be far too open just to get sims to work for the users, I would question why this share needs to be mapped at all and why SIMS can't just write back to the simsroot$ share on the server.

    I know I'll get replies saying hiding it does not make it secure, but I'm not talking about security here, I'm talking about accidental changes/deletions by staff who need to use SIMS.


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    Permissions on your simsroot/sims drive/s: drive

    You seem to have dragged up a seven year old thread - which I'm fairly sure is completely out of date? The vast majority of our staff have read only rights to our sims drive and can run updates when we've completed the server install.

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