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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS/Solus3 spreadsheet in Technical; Hi folks, We, at the LA, have about 60 schools on our network which we manage via SOLUS3. Due to ...
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    SIMS/Solus3 spreadsheet

    Hi folks,

    We, at the LA, have about 60 schools on our network which we manage via SOLUS3. Due to some of S3's quirks I decided to make a spreadsheet to help manage the upkeep of SIMS and thought it might be worth sharing some of the VB/Batch files with you guys.

    It doesn't do anything amazing and most can be done manually or using other software. Also some of the VB etc is messy!! It was a learning experience for me so I'm sure it could have been made a lot more streamline but I did what i could with my limited knowledge (and Google - lots of Google!).

    Here's how the spreadsheet looks:


    Over here all our machines are badge numbers stuck to the front of the machine. The badge number is an abbreviated version of the computer name. The spreadsheet has a separate worksheet that contains all of the badge numbers and computer names which is where the Combobox gets it's data from.

    Grab the badge number from the user and then hit the required button:

    Add: Allows you to add new machine to spreadsheet via badge number.
    Ping!: Pinched this code off someone else but checks if machine is online and enters result into the status field.
    Details: Displays the machine OS, Microsoft Office version and SIMS version.
    C Drive: Opens up root of machines C drive in explorer
    SIMS.net: Opens up SIMS.net folder in explorer
    PCAnywhere: Opens up PCAnywhere
    RDP: Starts RDP session for machine
    Version: Displays just the SIMS version of machine
    KILL!: Closes Pulsar.exe on machine if currently running
    Start: Starts the S3 Agent service
    Restart: Stops and then starts the S3 Agent service
    Stop: Stops the S3 agent service
    Replace: Deletes the SIMS.net folder and then copies over a source SIMS.net folder from a network share
    Delete: Gives option to either just delete SIMS.net folder or delete SIMS.net folder and SIMS.ini
    Desktop: Figures out if XP or 7 and puts SIMS.net shortcut on desktop
    Replace (p:\SIMS): Replaces the connect.ini on machine to our default
    Uninstall: Uninstalls the S3 agent on machine

    Most of this is done by using VB to create a batch file within the Temp folder of local machine which is then ran, the last line of batch file is always to delete the current batch file once complete so as not to leave Batch files all over the place.

    I'm not going to put up the actual spreadsheet as it contains all our machines and the cell references are a bit of a mess!

    However if you want to know any of the details of either the VB or batch files for any specific process etc, just let me know and i will be happy to post it up.

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