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MIS Systems Thread, Deploying Discover updates via Solus in Technical; We have not yet used Solus to deploy or update Discover and I am thinking of doing it now. I ...
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    Deploying Discover updates via Solus

    We have not yet used Solus to deploy or update Discover and I am thinking of doing it now. I have a couple of questions.

    If I search for updates for discover none appear, any ideas?

    If discover has been installed manually can I still install the discover upgrade via Solus as long as the agent is installed?

    Any other tips appreciated.

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    Yes discover will install via the agent if it exists. If it's not showing in your available updates, speak to Capita or whoever provides your Solus setup if it isn't you, to release it to you.

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    Make sure Discover is set up in SOLUS3.
    If there are no settings in the discover channel, you won't be shown the updates.

    I would assume that you would be able to use SOLUS3 to update an already existing instance of Discover as you can do it with SIMS and FMS.

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