Hi All

Currently where I work the network is being run by RM.

Since the latest upgrade SIMS has been incredibly slow and keeps crashing when we press save to the point where teachers are emailing me about it thinking that I have access to the network and can sort it out.

Now if it was anything else I will email back to say RM are aware of the issue and not much I can do but its affecting me also as running reports takes over 30min to download and saving on SIMS takes another 15min. What makes things worse is that reports are due which slows things down for me which I cannot afford to have an issue as I am in charge of the mock exam all next week all by myself.

I know there is not much I can do but is there any tips for things that could possibly be slowing SIMS down so badly. Is there anything I could do to speed SIMS up or can get the IT technician (who is not employed by RM) to look at for me. Or anything that I can advise the teachers (apart from the ovious like not saving too much at once, be pacient if it freezes e.t.c)