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MIS Systems Thread, Restore a profile template in Technical; Is there any way to restore a Profiles template to an earlier version? I.e to back to one saved earlier ...
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    Restore a profile template

    Is there any way to restore a Profiles template to an earlier version? I.e to back to one saved earlier today? I can see the templates in the document server, but I'm not sure if its possible to replace the current one (which has problems) to one modified a few hours ago (which was working fine)?

    I would search Supportnet but it seems to be down at the minute!

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    If you backup daily the doc store, you could use a test server to restore the previous night's backup and also doc store, open the template and save as / export so you can pull it back into the live environment.
    This won't work for changes made in the same day, unless you're doing backups throughout the day which most don't.
    The files stored in the doc store will have been overwritten, plus they're encrypted so won't be easy to find and replace. The only slim chance is if the server they are stored on runs shadow copies and has itself kept an old copy as a backup, not quite sure how you'd go about tracking it down and restoring it.

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