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MIS Systems Thread, Parent login in Technical; Hi, I am looking for a solution that will allow parents to login and access their children's VLE courses, homework, ...
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    Parent login

    Hi, I am looking for a solution that will allow parents to login and access their children's VLE courses, homework, reports, letters/ trips information, and my current headache, surveys. I can do all of this separately but I think it presents a very clumsy, disconnected and confusing parent experience. I also only want to maintain one database. Is there any system or combination of systems that allow a single sign on that I could look into? We currently have SIMS, Moodle and a bespoke website. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    Speak to Salamander Software for integration of Moodle and SIMS as well as linking it all to Active Directory if you want, so you can centralise. @rpwillis is on board.

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    Also talk to the guys at Overnet Data - they have a superb offering which does just what you need: it allows teachers to add SIMs groups to courses, take registers on Moodle and gives parents access to see their childrens' reports, attendance, timetable and (if you let them) the course material.

    We've been using the CMIS version but are just about to change to the SIMS modules as we're moving MIS .



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