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MIS Systems Thread, Reports - Transferring ownership in Technical; Hi, I am taking over the role of data manager at a school and my predecessor has a load of ...
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    Reports - Transferring ownership


    I am taking over the role of data manager at a school and my predecessor has a load of reports that are used regularly saved as private, I need access to these without making them public. Is their a way to transfer them all to my ownership?


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    The only way I know to do this would be to login as your predecessor, open each report in report designer as "save as" public, login as yourself, load each report in report designer and "save as" private. That will make you the owner of the reports, but it's not exactly a quick process...

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    Possibly you could log in as predecessor and bulk export your reports to a single exported file.
    Then reimport that file and i think they lose ownership. What I don't know is if they'll be public or not. Normally only done it as me or with already public reports.
    If they end up public you just need to go through each and save as.
    If they don't they'll be in a void, so try with one.
    Save as can be painful and corrupt / mix up the underlying template files so each need testing.

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    This is an area of SIMS that is very poor. System manager should be able to access all reports and edit and delete as necessary.

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