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MIS Systems Thread, Discover groups in Technical; We're just getting to grips with Discover, and want to start using it for Ofsted style analysis. One of the ...
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    Discover groups

    We're just getting to grips with Discover, and want to start using it for Ofsted style analysis. One of the criteria is to be able to analyse results of students who are either Free School Meals OR Looked After. Obviously we can filter by EITHER Group, but we need a group that contains both sets of students. The most obvious way would be to create a Discover group, which is easy enough, but we then can't filter by that group, unless I'm missing something really obvious? It seems strange to be able to create such a group, but then not be able to use it in anyway within Discover.

    If the group is set to be a Dynamic Group, then it doesn't even show in SIMS, it just sits in Discover with the only action you can take is to export it as a .csv, which isn't particularly useful...

    Just thought I'd ask if anyone knew of a way to use the Discover group to filter as per other groups in Discover? Or whether there is an update in the works to allow this?

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    FSM/CLAs are what we use the Pupil Premium indicator for - pretty sure that's why Capita included it.

    and that's a pre-set selection in Discover.

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    Discover dynamic groups are available on mark sheets and in the report generator. Handy for defining very complex queries.

    You can also use them in Discover itself.

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