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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS.net A Level targets in Technical; Hi, We are new to SIMs and are building our assessment and tracking templates. To set A2 targets we are ...
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    SIMS.net A Level targets


    We are new to SIMs and are building our assessment and tracking templates. To set A2 targets we are using the students AS level exam result, and adding a grade. For example, if they got a B at AS, we are setting their A2 target as an A. This is fine apart from A*. Due to the complicated way of achieving an A* at A Level, teachers are reluctant to set A* as a target as it may be impossible to achieve. Our grade set uses points, ie A=270, B=240, and our formulas for working out targets takes the AS grade, multiplies it by 2, then adds 30. Using B as an example again - B (at AS worth 120 points) x2 +30 = 270 points which is an A.

    For students who got an A at AS level, we want to set their target for A2 as an A. Other than change them all manually, is there a way to replace them, or add an extra formula?


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    If you don't have a SupportNet account I would recommend that you open one. SupportNet users tend to have detailed knowledge of assessment/ timetabling issues from a educational perspective

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    If you want to ban a grade but don't want to use the grade's value for analysis, create a new gradeset and apply it to the targets aspect. Then set the value of the banned grade to an absurd amount like 1000.

    Thus you will take an AS A valued at 140, multiply it by 2 to make 280 and add 30 for 310. But because the value of A* is 1000 it will return an A because the calculated value for the A2 target is below the A* points threshold. The reason I choose 1000 is if you do accidentally use it in a calculation, the 1000 will be a big giveaway that you have made a mistake.
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