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MIS Systems Thread, Attendance Reports for date range in Technical; Hi I'm helping our attendance officer with a new report, although we know Sims produces many attendance reports itself - ...
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    Attendance Reports for date range

    Hi I'm helping our attendance officer with a new report, although we know Sims produces many attendance reports itself - currently she is running a report for this week and manually typing it onto a sheet for every pupil to see a cumulative report per week.

    I am trying to design a report to do all the hard work, in a similar way as i do for conduct.

    I wish to display the attendance for a pupil over a date range, for example what there attendance was at end of week one, end of week two etc in separate columns.

    I can do this for conduct by selecting the achievements/behaviours and filtering by date. However when i have tried to do this for attendance it only gives me the current attendance - i cant filter by date.

    Is there a way to do this?

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    When you create your report, you need to base it on Student, On Roll and then add the Attendance Marks subreport. From here, you can add the Mark and Mark Date. You then need to create a filter on the subreport by clicking the little red book icon on the right-hand side, then click New at the bottom and add the Mark date field. The key is to create the filter on the Attendance Marks subreport, not on the main report. This will give you a list of students attendance marks between the two dates, so it probably won't be in exactly the format you want. You'll probably need to bring it into Excel and do some group or summing or whatever to produce the weekly totals.

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