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You really need to speak to your IT team, tell them what you're doing and go from there. Every school is different, I suspect if your support is outsourced you may well need support from higher up to give RM the go ahead to let you start pushing EXE's out to users.

As for Installing Visual Studio on the network - why? You only need it on the machine you're developing on, not the whole network. Visual Studio Express is free and should be ample to start developing: Visual Studio Express 2012 Products | Microsoft Visual Studio

As for how I personally roll out programs - anything that needs rolling out school wide (such as assessment tracking) is developed in ASP.NET/C# which all staff have access to via the Intranet. Most stuff I develop I'm the sole user of so they exist solely on my HDD. There are a few systems that are needed by various teams that I install locally on their machines - I have the advantage of having an IT team who trust me to do that!
I don't need Visual Studio on the network (in fact the RM consultant that currently works at our school said he could install it on my machine only). What I was trying to get at was that the school offers a computing course both at GCSE and A Level so the kids need something to practice their programming skills in lessons and in school at that may mean installing programming software on school computers.

Sounds like I have to do a web based application using ASP.NEt/C# or worst to the worst use VBA in excel

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Going slightly off topic - @dhicks (and co) You might want to look at https://www.edx.org - they offer free courses. Harvard has a VERY good course CS50, basically they were finding students were coming to them without a basic understanding of programming - CS50 is a intro course to programming, it uses virtual Linux machines, so you don't have to worry about licensing, students hacking the system or just configuring it with the right version of this and that so it works.

Few guys here have completed it and I was surprised how good it was.
Thank you soo much for that. I have signed up for the course starting in January. Hopefully I will have the time to complete it