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MIS Systems Thread, Facility CMIS - Import email addresses in Technical; Hi, I apologies if this has been covered but I cannot find any reference to it. We are moving from ...
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    Facility CMIS - Import email addresses


    I apologies if this has been covered but I cannot find any reference to it.

    We are moving from one parent contact system to another. The new system will read data directly from CMIS and so I want to import the email addresses of parents into CMIS from a CSV.

    Is this possible? If so how do you import the details ensuring the correct email address imports to the correct contact. Is there a quick way to do it or do I have to tell the office staff its a manual job.

    Any help appreciated...

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    Quote Originally Posted by halladam View Post
    Any help appreciated...
    There is a data transfer thing which might help (options | Data Transfer), there is some documentation kicking about which support should be able to provide you with.

    You could nip in the back end and do it via SQL, but there will be outraged gasps of horror at the mention of that and not without some justification.

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    If you can get the contact ID from CMIS into a spreadsheet with the email address in the relevant cell next to it, just use concat in excel to build yourself a query. Then copy that down to every row and dump it into SQL.

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    The CMIS data transfer routine will do this and also avoid possible disasters if the SQL were to go wrong.

    It's fiddy but relatively straightforward as long as your have the student id in the spreadsheet for the routine to use for matching. You will need to make sure that the id is set as a text field in Excel if your ids having leading zeros.

    If you need the manual, there should be links in previous threads.

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