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MIS Systems Thread, Is this correct? in Technical; I would expect to have a set of 'views' that a supplier could use to give you your data and ...
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    I would expect to have a set of 'views' that a supplier could use to give you your data and / or use it as the basic level of migration to a new supplier, i.e spreadsheets.
    Providing this for all historic data should be a small step away too.
    It's only what the front interface should be requesting as collating anyway.
    If you can provide hosting and cheap read only access - great.
    The problem lies in what you define as "cheap".
    You could use a formula similar to a rack space like entity: data x seconds held + plus bandwidth access ... Maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scholarpack View Post
    Disclaimer: we're an MIS supplier. OK, so out of interest, how would you guys envisage the switching process works? Should you be allowed to keep historical data free of charge?
    Our data should be made available to us in a format that is reasonable. I'd say to be reasonable, the cost of accessing the data should be low - no 'bespoke' systems or software required to get at the files provided and only fairly low grade development skills (college grade relational database stuff) required to make some sense of it. So that might mean a bunch of XML or just straight CSV table dumps or (generously) ISO standard SQL which will create and populate a coherent schema.

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    I’m new to the business so most advice gratefully received. I ’ll try and refrain from the sales pitch from now on…..if I stray back just let me know.

    The last post is spot on – we would not ask anyone to delete the SQL database with the school’s data in it. This data can be readily accessed with a variety of tools. We charge for the use of our software.


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    ^ What Steve said. It's not profiteering in my mind, they're a business, they work by generating a profit. I'm not saying I wholly agree with charging for one machine somewhere to sit with Facility on it for access to the data, but as several people have stated, including Steve, to be fair, bang a reporting tool on (SSRS with Report builder, Access, Excel, etc). And a good DBA wouldn't take a couple of weeks, a poor DBA would take a couple of weeks, a good one would take a couple of hours. It depends what you're trying to get at too. The only thing that's slightly complicated is the way assessments are stored in nsturesults in terms of the way the resutls data is formatted, but that's not unpickable you just have to get your head around it. If you're wanting assessment data that would take a day or two, if you're after everything else which is basic, you're looking at a few hours.
    SQL express is free and if you use 2008 R2 with advanced services, it comes with SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Tools). On which if you want a GUI you can bolt on Report Builder 3. Also free.
    I'd look at paying a DBA for a week to install that, set up report builder on a couple of clients, or use the web based version to view. Make sure before you do you have a clear spec of what you want the reports to look like and what data you want to get out. That will maximise the time the DBA has to actually create the reports rather than try to organise you. Ensure SLT are aware that the reports they request at this stage will be fixed and can't be changed afterwards to set their expectations, and then everything's covered.

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    You should be allowed to keep single user access to all the data reporting and analysis.

    From what I understand ACS are taking a hard line on the pre-existing contract terms where serco may have been more inclined to look the other way. I suppose that unpicking the mess that they bought has to be funded some how.

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    Quote Originally Posted by box_l View Post
    Thanks for the replies.
    Was there a cost associated with that access?
    And who told you this?

    Our "Local Council IT provider" are undertaking the migration. There may well be an itemised cost for keeping a single connection to the Facility CMIS database which is part of the overall licencing/migration service that we are buying in to but I'm not privy to the financing particulars.

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