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MIS Systems Thread, Finding out who is deleting my stuff In SIMS in Technical; Hi All I need a bit of advice. I have noticed that someone is deleting things on SIMS that I'm ...
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    Finding out who is deleting my stuff In SIMS

    Hi All

    I need a bit of advice. I have noticed that someone is deleting things on SIMS that I'm doing. Now there may be a tiny wenny chance that something is wrong with the database/with SIMS but I need to make sure for my own protection that someone is not trying to get me into trouble.

    I went into Focus - System Manager - User Acess Log to see if I can find anything but all it tell me is that someone logged into SIMS but not details of what they have done in SIMS.

    Could anyone help me and advice me on the best way of getting to the bottom of this as this is a new job as well and I'm afraid that if this continues it is not only going to create extra work but also I will get into trouble.


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    First, tell your manager that you suspect the database isn't behaving properly. He must be made aware now. Don't cast aspersions or speculate - it's doesn't matter what you think, or even what you know, it's what you can prove.
    Keep a journal of your actions, and if you find something odd, show it to your manager who should then try to get to the bottom of it.

    There are quite a few SIMS experts on here who will be able to tell you if more comprehensive logging is available.
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    Logging is rubbish and there is no audit.
    Jinn's advice is good, declare an issue.
    What is your role with SIMS, what are your permissions and what is changing?
    The access log can help with who is logged in when, and you used to be able to tell what module was used. In practise it will be hard, but depends in what is changing as some fields have history which at least might log date and time.
    Registers should be audited but I've never trusted they tell the true situation.

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    What kind of data, this could give an indication of motive (if it's not a technical issue).

    Have you checked the data is there after you have saved it to make sure it is not an issue with data entry (technical or user, I've seen both).

    If this is happening regularly then you can see if data has been deleted be restoring SIMS to a new standalone server and restoring from a relevant backup to show that the data was there.

    SIMS logs are useless, your SIMS manager will know who has data editing rights to the relevant areas in SIMS, SQL Profiler could help with who is doing what but it's not that friendly.

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    You can run a change history on certain fields - what is altering?

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