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MIS Systems Thread, Two tutors, one class in Technical; Some of our tutor groups have 2 different tutors who share the group. We have marksheets set up for target ...
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    Two tutors, one class

    Some of our tutor groups have 2 different tutors who share the group. We have marksheets set up for target setting, where tutors add comments after meeting with the students. Does anybody know if it is possible for both tutors to access and edit the same marksheet? I can only see how to assign it to 1 tutor. Both are listed on SIMS as joint tutor.
    I don't want to set them up as supervisor via course manager as they only need to see their own group, not all of them.

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    IF they are joint tutors in the pastoral structure, they should be able to access the marksheets. Even though it says only one tutors name, it's probably made them main, or they are alphabetically first. This may be an issue on the output report if you need one as only 1 name might appear.
    You can test by going into marksheet entry and choosing each tutor's name from the list and seeing what they would see.

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