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MIS Systems Thread, Any multicurrency system? in Technical; Dear all, As some of you know, i'm from Montevideo Uruguay. Over this latitudes, every minor or large administration system ...
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    Any multicurrency system?

    Dear all,

    As some of you know, i'm from Montevideo Uruguay. Over this latitudes, every minor or large administration system allows the company/institution to have balances/accounts/reports in two or more currencies.

    In general, all the system is based in one currency, but every purchase, invoice, etc. can be entered in other currencies, and the institution have bank accounts on this other currencies. So, transactions are usually recorded on this two coins, the system base currency (pesos uruguayos), and the original movement currency (dollars, pounds, etc.).

    Does anyone knows or can recomend an MIS system with administration/finance module with this functionality?

    Many thanks,
    Juan Puig.

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    If you haven't come across one yet, i'd probably look at a separate finance system. Many MISes plug into a separate finance module, often from a different company. The main part that would be good to have done in the MIS is the fees, but i can't think of any that are built for multi-currency flexibility.
    The specialist finance systems encountered here for schools are Corero and PS Financials. SIMS has FMS, but i don't think it manages multi-currency.
    You might be better off with a solution from SAGE - either out of the box, or a customised ERP system.

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