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MIS Systems Thread, Export from Exchange calendar in Technical; Ive seen a few posts on here about exporting sims calendar inyo exchange but is it possible to export an ...
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    Export from Exchange calendar

    Ive seen a few posts on here about exporting sims calendar inyo exchange but is it possible to export an existing school calendar that is in Exchange abd import it into sims.

    Weve just switched to sims and now have 3 different calendars which id like to rationalise
    Google calendar for parents on school website.
    Exchange/outlook for staff
    And now sims calendar.

    Looking for inspiration how they can all be merged/simplified...

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    There was some work done on this i think ages ago, i don't recall if it was here or on SupportNet. Probably here.
    The SIMS calendar is probably the least functional, i'd say if you have outlook / exchange, that's the one to merge everything into. Plus it quite happily stores multiple calendars - private plus shared, so can be overlaid or ignored as required. Exporting items to add to Google Cal should also be straight forward.

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