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MIS Systems Thread, sims timetable in Technical; Hello we have a real issue with sims timetable Basically the timings are correct in SIMs but the lesson timings, ...
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    sims timetable

    Hello we have a real issue with sims timetable Basically the timings are correct in SIMs but the lesson timings, lesson lengths and registers are absolutely all over the place. I've checked and rechecked cycle timings.. they are as they should be, lesson monitor setup is correct so I think there is a bug in SIMS. The timings that SIMS is showing for the registration period 8:08 to 8:30 and the fact that it is showing an afternoon registration period instead of lesson 4 when in point of fact there shouldn't be one (registration comes from the lesson register for L4) seems to confirm this.

    Any one seen this before? I am not the sims timetable he has left and the baton has been passed to me (not to sort timetable out but to resolve any technical issues).

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    Did you sort this. It sound like you forgot to send the timetable cycle across from nova to sims.net before you sent the timetable. At the beginning of the new year you need to tell sims.net what the t/t cycle will be and then send the actual timetable across.

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    You set the registration for sessions in lesson monitor setup, and we don't have a pm session, so i enter an N for the last period, supposedly to mean our PM session is done at end of last period, but we still get a pm session showing. We also have a random am session all morning, as someone else noted in a different thread.
    I'd check timetable is as you expect in lesson monitor setup and make sure the am/pm sessions are correctly highlighted.

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