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MIS Systems Thread, FMS migration in Technical; Anyone done it yet? Issues, problems? Finally, when does it have to be done by? Not looking forward to it..but ...
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    FMS migration

    Anyone done it yet?

    Issues, problems?

    Finally, when does it have to be done by?

    Not looking forward to it..but I said that about the SIMS migration and that was easy peasy ;-0



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    Re: FMS migration

    Our SIMS/FMS support at the LEA had pencilled us in for the FMS upgrade this week but so far there is nothing on Solus yet so we're a tad confused.
    We were supposed to receive an upgrade walkthrough as well but we haven't had that either so it doesn't augur well.

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    Re: FMS migration

    Lots of info here:


    Migration date depends on how you use FMS.

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    Re: FMS migration


    I did the FMS Upgrade yesterday afternoon. Took about 3 hours to do but was fairly easy enough - you just need to be careful. Basically when you download 2.85 from Solus 2.91 is also downloaded and stored in a folder called FMS in the setups directory. Literally it was reconcile 2.85 and backup. Install 2.91 on the server, attach the blank fms database and create a fmsconnect.ini file. Then run a database fix file (you must contact your support people for this), dbvalid and then migrate. Once that is done, setup the user's access permissions again and then reconcile it and compare with the other reconcilation figures.

    The only issue I ran into was that I couldn't attach the blank database to remote (dedicated) SQL Server (and I didn't want to install FMS on the database server), so I setup a local install of SQL Server Express 2005 for the time being and then I can contact Capita at a later date to move the database across.

    Apart from that worked great - and I'm glad to get rid of SQL Anywhere.


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