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MIS Systems Thread, Stop Hiding Data From Me! in Technical; I found a strange bug with SIMS not showing data for leavers. Because I forgot to set the effective date ...
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    Stop Hiding Data From Me!

    I found a strange bug with SIMS not showing data for leavers.

    Because I forgot to set the effective date to before leavers day on a marksheet used to export a list of Y11's, I had to enter details into my Excel sheet manually for students that had left and been omitted form my original export. I was filling in the missing data with the Student Details page for reference but noticed that FSM and Ethnicity details were blank. Hrmm...odd that this was left off and not noticed for 5 years.

    Then I realise it happened with another student that left. I get suspicious and check the list of names in a marksheet with group membership set to before the leavers day and Ethnicity and FSM displayed as Additional Columns. The data appears!

    So why does the FSM and Ethnicity for leavers display in a marksheet with the effective date set to before a student's leaving date, but the Student Details page hides it? Surely the data should be displayed anyway since we can still call it up at will via AM7?

    In summary:
    - FSM and Ethnicity for a leaver does not display in Student Details page.
    - FSM and Ethnicity does show in a marksheet if Group Membership is set to before leaving date.

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    I guess cos it's not 'current' info for a leaver, at least FSM wot be.
    Can you report on it and use dates to show the effective ethnicity?

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