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MIS Systems Thread, incompatible database summer update in Technical; Originally Posted by matt40k I think you're forgetting how bad SOLUS2 is... It's like when WinXP came out and people ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by matt40k View Post
    I think you're forgetting how bad SOLUS2 is...

    It's like when WinXP came out and people said how awesome Win98 was.

    (Sorry, I've been told I'm not allowed to start a fire on the car park roof in attempt to transmit this message via smoke signals)
    Not at all. Personally, I think SOLUS2 worked a treat and it still does at the schools that use it. Sure, it can't manage discover upgrades, but for SIMS and FMS, it works like a dream. Some clever CentraStage scripting means additional databases get upgraded too. Our upgrade record was 3 days for SIMS and FMS in 270 schools which included mopping up of the odd failure.

    I cant see SOLUS3 ever managing that.
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    It's possible, assuming you could get them all to agree to let you upgrade them at once - not many LA you could get that many schools to agree!! CentraStage is a powerful tool, pretty much possible with that - Windows InTune is Microsoft attempt at entering that market. CentraStage has the advantage that it's older and therefore more mature, it's also a premium tool, you pay for it, unlike SOLUS3 which has to fight for resources - let's face it, Capita would rather change the icons, fonts then actually do anything useful like fixing the bugs.

    From my point of view, I started out using SOLUS2 and we had some really weird issues and it took at months to roll out an update, when I left it was days with SOLUS3 - even with re-releases!! From a coding point of view, S2 was good for the time, but it's been abandoned and unloved for too long.

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