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MIS Systems Thread, GCSE and A Level Results Marksheet and SISRA in Technical; Hi All I'm here again asking for advice. Just a background knowledge about myself. I left uni last summer and ...
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    GCSE and A Level Results Marksheet and SISRA

    Hi All

    I'm here again asking for advice. Just a background knowledge about myself. I left uni last summer and started my role in the current school that I am. We were using a terrible system and so me and my former manager decided to set up SIMS Assessment Manager. Therefore since xmas I have single handedly set up all the marksheets and analysis by myself. Recently though I got a job in a school closer to home which gives me line management responsibilities and paid a huge amount more that my current job but I will still be doing the data stuff in my new job as well. As I only have a few weeks left till I leave (a lot of set up work still needs to be done in SIMS) one of the things I am going to do is set up the Exam Analysis for GCSE results. So i have a couple of questions

    1) How do you do exam results analysis? My current school use to do them on a spreadsheet in which they calculated the No of A* - C, the residuals and if they meet their target grade (and this was done for each class in year 11). My plan this year was to create a marksheet in which all the exam aspects are in there and it calculates the residuals and the % of A* - C's. Then each teacher will have their own marksheet for their year 11 class. I also plan to use the group and aspect analysis in SIMS to show me the number of A*, A, B,C,D's e.t.c. Do people do exam analysis in the marksheets or do they do it another way?

    2) For the post 16 grade sets do you guys also use QCF points instead of UCAS Points as I know average points score are based on QCF points and also how do you do Post 16 exam analysis as well

    2) Do people use SISRA in their current role? My new job currently uses SISRA but I'm always the fan of using SIMS to do as much as possible and then once everything is exhausted then they can use other packages afterwards. I'm hoping to set things up in the SIMS marksheets in my new job so I wanted to ask is there certain things that SISRA can do that neither SIMS and Discover cannot do?

    4) Also do you have multiple aspects for the BTEC. So For Example in a BTEC Level 2 Sports Studies Marksheet you will have a certificate column, extended certificate column, diploma column and then the extended diploma column. Also with the performance Table reforms I'm still confused about who many GCSE grades BTEC's are equivalent to. So say for example a kid did the Full BTEC Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care will it still count as 4 GCSE's in the 2013 performance tables?

    Thanks for your help
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