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MIS Systems Thread, Renewing Marksheets in Technical; Hey guys, Basically we use a marksheet, we have completed all of our marksheets and exported them to excel from ...
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    Renewing Marksheets

    Hey guys,
    Basically we use a marksheet, we have completed all of our marksheets and exported them to excel from last term and now we need to renew them. How do I do this? If I delete the marksheet and create a new one for the same class, the entered grades and comments are still there. Can someone help me?

    Many Thanks,
    Roger Corrigan

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    Have you used result sets?

    If not, I'm not sure how you can refresh it other then telling staff to right click on the column before entering and select blank column. They can then go down and enter the grades. If you have used results set, then if you go into your template, you can alter the result set on the Aspect and then your good to go. (From memory, it's been a little while since I've needed to play in assessment)

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    Or they can just overtype, blanking is only a visual thing as when you save, the old data will come through again. This is highly confusing if the old data is no longer valid.

    To truly blank, you need to use the assessment tools and delete the results.

    It's much better to attach the results to a resultset e.g. "Y8 Term 1", which you can also do to the results with the tools, and then create a new marksheet with a new resultset for the new year. So you don't delete data, unless you really don't want to have electronic access to it. The only thing i do this for is the entry of Best Effort in class Awards, which once is given, we blank ready for next year.

    As @Cache said, you can bulk change the resultset on a template. It's a recent feature, but very useful. This will then allow you to easily compare results across the sets e.g. from one term to the next or one year to the next.

    The tools are available at Tools | Performance | Assessment | System Utilities.

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    tombry (24th June 2013)

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    @vikpaw, thanks for that, gonna save me and the other guy that change result sets a ton of time!

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