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MIS Systems Thread, Capita FMS duplicate Reconciliation Entries in Technical; Hi, i work for an LA that delivers regualr periodic reconciliation files to schools but we do not support the ...
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    Capita FMS duplicate Reconciliation Entries


    i work for an LA that delivers regualr periodic reconciliation files to schools but we do not support the schools SIMS/FMS installs (this is handled by a support company of the schools choice) Since the new financial year we have had users reporting duplicate entries in FMS after an import of the files sent. I have checked the files we generate & send out and have found no duplicates within the file & therefore suspect that the users are importing the reconciliation files twice or more.

    has anyone had this issue (especially recently) and is this possible? I assumed (i know i shouldnt!) that capita's FMS module would recognise the file (name, time stamp etc...) and issue a warning like "hang on -you've already imported this file!" and error out.

    Im i wrong in assuming this and can anyone point me in the direction of any instructions that i can send out to schools to remove these entries (at the minute its to advise a complete restore of the DB which is a bit of a pain for both the users, the 3rd party support companies and the LA)

    Also, is there a log of what files have been imported into FMS and when so we can see if a user has indeed imported the same file multiple times?


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    Unless things have changed, is was always the case that a file with the same name could not be imported twice. The Audit Trail in FMS will include details of when reconciliation starts, including the file name used. e.g. 17/05/2013,10:35:13:58,2013,NW,GS,Auto. Rec. of 6131301.REC started

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