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MIS Systems Thread, Staff Codes - Adding september staff to Sims - Preparing Timetable in Technical; I am working with a new timetabler and she is preparing next years timetable in T6, she has sake me ...
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    Staff Codes - Adding september staff to Sims - Preparing Timetable

    I am working with a new timetabler and she is preparing next years timetable in T6, she has sake me the correct order/procedure to adding the new starting staff to Sims now so she can carry on setting staff codes up etc for T6. What is the correct order/procedure to do this?

    Can the new teachers be added now to sims in Personnel (without start date?) then added to Manage classroom staff, assigned staff codes and then added to T6 for timetabling and printing of timetables? Do they have to be on Personnel now to do this.

    Can someone advise to the procedure they follow please?

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    You can put them in Personnel and give them a start date of 1st Sept. We put in only the most basic information to start with, just enough so that SIMS doesn't complain and lets us save the record.
    This will allow you to add them into Manage Classroom staff for the next academic year and assign them a working pattern and a timetable code in SIMS, which must match the one used in Nova.
    At that point you should be able to export the timetable into SIMS without it complaining.

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    When you add staff to SIMS, the codes must match those held in T6. This means it is vital that the timetabler and personnel officer talk to each other. Any staff who are not in Manage Classroom Staff when the timetable is exported to SQL will not be found. You can use dummy codes and staff members like IT1 - New IT Teacher until you know who has been appointed, but remember to change the dummy staff member to whoever has been appointed to the position instead of creating a new staff member.

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    I tell our timetabler to use old staff members in the timetable until the new staff are added into Personnel. Then it's just a case of swapping staff over when the staff have been correctly setup in Personnel and then given codes in MCS.
    Instead of the matching business, in Nova, you can refresh base data from SQL and it will import new staff, rooms and subjects. Just use a forward date for the reference date. This is easier and ensures the matching process works automatically.
    When people leave, you can either change their code, or delete them in Nova to kind of hide them.
    Once you enter data into MCS - the Personnel office loses the permission to edit the staff code. Sometimes you have to tick/untick the teacher box and save for it to work.
    Try to put any staff you know of, into MCS as soon as possible. The date you enter them there is the date from which they are deemed live as a teacher. If you send a timetable back with a start date before the MCS entry date, that teacher won't be recognised and also their name won't show up in curriculum assignment or Individual Reports. Not sure about Profiles, but i guess it's the same.

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