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MIS Systems Thread, TWO WEEK TIMETABLE in Technical; Hi Folks I've done a two-week table for the first time and except for a single lesson I thought I ...
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    Hi Folks

    I've done a two-week table for the first time and except for a single lesson I thought I had successfully managed to schedule all the lessons, which technically speaking is true. But then I had a look at how the lessons were scheduled for each option block and was shocked to discover that NT6 was quite happy to allocate 4 sometimes 5 lessons a day even though the 'one day per rule' was Active. I cannot get my head round this and would appreciate if someone could guess as to what I've done wrong.


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    The rule is per block, is it defo 'Active' on all blocks you need it to be?
    On the Auto screen, you should see a tick if it's active. If it's a 4 dots / a funny ribbon then it's relaxed, and the arrow with an X is suspended. Just worth checking, because i know when i create, i often go in and relax the rules to make things fit.

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