I've recently taken over the IT support for a school and am having a problem migrating an SIMS & FMS install from an old Windows XP "server" to a Windows 2008 R2 (64bit) server using MS SQL Server 2008 Express (all with latest service packs and hotfixes). I have kept the db names on the new the same as the old.

I have SIMS working fine. However I cannot get past an the error, "Cannot rollback atomic" similar to the one mentioned in this post whenerver I try to login from a client workstation.

I have tried all suggested in that post and have read this one about logins. Both DB and application logins seem to be fine; they appear to have imported ok from the DBAttach I did from the original db. I've tried attach/re-attach but to no avail.

Any ideas? Anybody know what lies behind, "Capita sorted it"? What are the causes other than duff user imports? Do the users imported look ok in SQL Studio but actually they're not?

I'm fairly new to SIMS & FMS but reasonably ok with Windows platforms and MS SQL.