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We give people 48hrs notice of downtime/patches being applied (if possible) and tell them to out of sims. If the the patch has to be applied during the day we:

1. Check SQL Management Studio to find who is logged in
2. Rename the connect.ini to prevent new connections
3. At the given update time we run shutdown -i and add all the computers listed above (step one) and shut them down
4. Wait for all connections in SQL Management studio to disappear
5. Start the upgrade

I've even shutdown down senior leaders computers before as they know the time, they have had plenty of warning. Works well here and you'd be surprised to hear not people leave themselves logged in to sims on patch or update day.
That's exactly what i do, except instead of renaming connect.ini i remove permissions from the share for all bar me, so i, and select users can still access if required.
I know that all have a redirected connect.ini so it's okay.

Plus, when they come back they can't access the system as the S drive gets disconnected. So when they ask why it doesn't work you have a chance to remind them why, again.

The shutdown -i is the best part, and you can send them a nice message in the process.

I have a hardcore set of around 10 staff that leave it on every night.