For those of us dismayed by the current spring update / homepage debacle Capita are throwing us a bone with the option to take one of the new features from Summer release early: Enhanced QuickSearch

It looks awesome with lots of cool features. From the news item on SupportNet :

Generic Patch 17462 is now available for download on SOLUS 2 & 3, which will be included in Summer 13 Release, for an enhanced QuickSearch.

The patch increases the functionality of the existing QuickSearch to allow a range of searches, additional to the current functionality of searching for names, and adds the ability to see additional key information when hovering over search items, without the need to go into the student or staff record. There is also an extended range of tags and ways of limiting search criteria.

Some of the additional functionality includes:

· Searches for ADNO, UPN, UCI or candidate number searches
· Telephone number searches
· Filters for faster searches (such as just current students, or male/ female, or employees)
· Address searches
· Birthday searches
· Search for owners of vehicles by registration number
· Search for possible multiple entries of the same person
· Search for records lacking a certain search field or fields
· The use of wildcard characters in search tokens to search for variations in words, e.g. names spelt differently such as Allen and Allan
· Shows where a student or teacher is now, or where they will be/should have been at a specific time on a specific date
· A self-limiting ability for searches returning more than 120 results to reduce the amount of information searched for to increase the speed of searches

Please see documentation (SupportNet Resource Number 21006) for a full description of the additional functionality.

This patch is for those users who feel that the additional functionality would be beneficial to them, ahead of the functionality being added to the Summer Release.

If you have any comments, queries or feedback regarding the new functionality, please contact Lucy Crawford

A new version of the enhanced QuickSearch with further functionality, including plain English searches will also be available on demand. If you would like to take part in trialling this new version, please contact Lucy Crawford on
for more information.