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MIS Systems Thread, [SOLUS3] - Unable to install S3 Agent on one device in Technical; Been helping a school get set up with SOLUS3 and they now have over 100 devices in their environment now ...
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    [SOLUS3] - Unable to install S3 Agent on one device

    Been helping a school get set up with SOLUS3 and they now have over 100 devices in their environment now on the latest S3 version. There is one device however where the SOLUS3 agent just won't install! It returns an "Access denied to remote machine" message and the SOLUS3 error bubble in the UI says to check that the user name and password are valid for the remote machine. They are valid as the credentials were used to successfully install the agent on a number of other devices I selected during the agent rolllout. This device is on the school domain, has Windows firewall disabled and is set up correctly in DNS, WMI appears to be OK on it too. Any ideas what could be wrong here?

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    I had the same issue , just by chance or luck I thought I would rename the machine and treat it as new machines with S3 removed before rename and then once I added it to S3 all picked up and installed.

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    Sound like some sort of domain sid problem, try re-adding the PC to the domain and that would over right the domain credentials if they have become corrupt

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