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MIS Systems Thread, Document Management Systems - Paper Free? in Technical; as someone that came from a lawfirm, I can attest that a proper DMS works wonderfully - and the user ...
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    as someone that came from a lawfirm, I can attest that a proper DMS works wonderfully - and the user has no choice but to use it, as it ties to the computer, and everything you save needs to go through it.

    I'm slowly converting people in my school to using PDF and saving things to student records, but it is a very slow process. I do have accounting set up so that they deal almost entirely in PDF now though, so that's a good start.

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    Hi what are the IT Requirements to implement it such as storage and servers.

    Quote Originally Posted by wardsidjame View Post
    We use mStore and bought it from Arena, very simple to us, just resembles a digital filling cabinet.

    Basically we work like this, if it is on Sims then it stays there, everything else is put on mStore, it uses a small client which runs on the machine and can do word/outlook directly or have documents scanned in, it has an export from Sims with all current and past pupils +admin information on its database, you simple add a document type, then start to type the surname it will find the user and click finish. This document is then held as a tiff against that student and is very easy to pull back.

    The main point of this is audit and also no need for any filling cabinets, we have also archived all old paper documents and thrown them away (you need to make sure all of your complience documentation is correct to do this) The ico provide a template for this which the governors have to sign off.

    It takes a little time to intergrate and isnt an IT think, make this very clear to the office and bursar, we help set it up, train staff and also do the archive, we now have all of admin, SEN, pastoral working on the system live.

    As for Sims or Network shares, when getting into Child Protection or SEN information which must under the data protection act be only seen by specific people this system is needed, to do this on Sims would be almost impossible (although you can do permissions).

    In addition you dont have the audit complience that data protection and the ICO need.

    The last reason is that you have to keep any documents which could be needed in future until the student is 25, thats 11 years of archive, leave that on Sims and doc store will be enourmous.

    mStore lest us set retention dates (it also works with FMS).

    It is also independant, so if one day we got rid of Sims then no issue, it uses the upn information to attach to students, pop the new system in, all data is fine and then carry on.

    It was quite hard to impliment but now people are starting to understand it we are starting to move along at quite an accelerated rate, we have a need due to moving into a new shoe box sized building to basically remove as much paper as possible, this has done it for us.

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