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    FMS on new Windows Server 2012

    Hi peeps

    I never post as normally don't need to as I read what others have said etc, so never really need help.

    Here goes:
    Have a server at work with 2003 on running FMS great, it was migrated from sql 2005 to 2008 a couple years back and works great no problems.

    We have invested in a new HP gen 8 server with a fresh copy of server 2012 on it, have installed sql 2008 (didn't want to use 2012 yet) and also installed FMS onto server, I then backed up database from 2003 server using dbattach and then installed FMS database onto new server with dbattach.

    When I am running FMS I encounter a BDE error (exception edbengineerror in module FINANCE.exe at 0007C02) which it cant find the Borland dbe engine on the server.

    Has anyone got any ideas how to get it working?, I am using a FMS old version 32bit installer would that make a difference, it updates to latest version via dbupdate no problem.

    I rang Capita but just got we can come out but it will cost £1250 and will take a day to do, as you can guess we don't have a grand to throw away and im nearly there just need to get it working, do I need to run any sims installs before the FMS install.

    Our sims is hosted on a separate that we access remotely via the LA.


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    Contact your LA, I'm thinking your LA is umm, forget the name but if memory serves me correctly they're pretty nice and they should be able to help you out. Pretty sure the latest FMS install will sort you out, either that more connecting a printer will lol!

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