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MIS Systems Thread, Extract Exam Results from SIMS in Technical; I think I'm having an absent minded moment here. Sure I've done it before but neither me nor my Exams ...
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    Extract Exam Results from SIMS

    I think I'm having an absent minded moment here. Sure I've done it before but neither me nor my Exams Officer can find a way to get exams results from SIMS into a nice table format. Any idea how we do this?

    I can get the candidate statement of results but exporting them as CSV devolves into a horrifying mess of cells scattered across the entire worksheet.

    I want to analyse them either in Excel or Assessment Manager (latter ideal!).

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    You have a couple of options, try them out and see which you prefer.

    In Exams Module, go to Reports > Results then choose:

    • Certification Broadsheet
    • Export Results

    The former gives you more useful names for qualifications, but I'm not convinced it gives you everything. The latter gives you everything for the chosen season, but relies heavily on you knowing exam codes to identify them.

    Personally, I like to use "Reports > Results > Performance Tables", then set type as "Full". That way, you get absolutely everything, leaving you free to filter and format to your hearts content in Excel (it's all in a big list as opposed to a table, though you can pivot it in to a table and use a vlookup to pick up the results)
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    You can access exam results in Assessment Manager directly. All exam modules and final results are allocated their own separate aspect. Module/partial unit results are usually in lower case and final results in upper case. You obviously need to know the name of the aspect but that information is in Exam Organiser. This process will be even more useful and straightforward when the modular exams come to an end in the near future.

    We build the AM templates after the exam entry deadline and let it do its thing when the results come out. This then allows analysis by the usual student filters.



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