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MIS Systems Thread, MIS geared towards Primary in Technical; Originally Posted by vikpaw @ GREED I didn't think you agreed with Matt cos I thought he was saying in ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by vikpaw View Post
    @GREED I didn't think you agreed with Matt cos I thought he was saying in essence any web access is cloud like.
    I think this is a case where tone cannot be read through text. I see Matt is supporting SIMS being 'in the cloud'... which given my new perspective I don't agree. I don't consider SIMS via a VPN as a cloud solution. I consider that getting at a desktop application through the internet.

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    I was saying if you're ruling out a MIS system because it's not cloud - ask yourself what is "cloud" to you, if it's just hosted remotely and can be accessed via the web browser you can do that perfectly fine with SIMS and a good setup - the biggest problem with SIMS is that it's like Android - it gives you too many options, it lets you run it on old inadequate hardware. Apple for example is restrictive, you can only run it on its hardware and only it's current hardware.

    If you site is full of computers with traditional keyboards and mice - why isn't it a problem if touch devices don't work well? Or that it only runs on Windows if your a Windows only site? What it comes down to is what is the office staff going to be happy with? Personally, stuff the teachers, they spend very little time using it - they'll (generally) moan about whatever they end up with. Keep the people who use it for 99% of the day, every day happy - I'd rather be swearing every time I have to touch a system then walk into a room full of angry staff.

    I agree with @GREED - from our point of view, SIMS is an absolute nightmare and Aspen would solve most of our problems. But it's not our choice.

    Side note, I'm glad Aspen has redone the web interface rather then creating an app, even Steve Jobs was pro HTML5 over an apps - that's why Apple was\is so heavy involve in HTML5 development. The reason why it's not go that way sooner is the amount on money they make on the App Store - it won't be long before we start seeing Apple SaaS

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